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24 July 2007 @ 03:20 am
Elizabeth, Tali, and The Doctor  
Title: Elizabeth, Tali, and the Doctor
Author: terubaby, anywhere else with the author’s permission
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Doctor/??, Tali/??, Elizabeth/??
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Tali and myself get to go with the Doctor, wonder what trouble we are going to get into?
A/N: Not beta-ed cause I don't think Wolf has looked over this one.

It was Wednesday night in November, Elizabeth was walking out of her school, when she hear a slight humming sound, she turned in circles trying to figure out where the sound was coming from. All the sudden a blue police box appeared next to her car, she slowly walked up to it, and then looked around for anyone else. What was she thinking no one was at school at 5am, unless they had class or came to an open lab.

‘Whoa, I must be dreaming, cause the TARDIS can’t be real.’ Elizabeth said to herself.

All of the sudden, the doors to the TARDIS opened, and there stood the 10th Doctor. He was grinning as he walked out and looked around.

“Hello!” the Doctor said as he glanced at Elizabeth.

“Hiya.” Elizabeth answered back.

She was a little unsure what to do; she was standing there with the Doctor and TARDIS, and her mind began to wonder back to all the time her and Tali talked about going with the Doctor if he was real. She looked at the Doctor and notice that he was saying something.

“Um. I didn’t quite catch what you said, Doctor, I was kind of lost within my head.” Elizabeth comment.

“I was just going on…” the Doctor stop and spun around to face Elizabeth, “How did you know who I am?”

Elizabeth blinked a few times, she sighed, and walked over to her car. She placed here book bag on the trunk; taking out her mac book, she started it up. It didn’t take long for it to boot up, she heard the Doctor walk over to, but she didn’t pay any mind to him.

“Here in this reality, you are a tv show.” Elizabeth rambled as she pulled up one of her tv links.

“Great, I’ve cross into another parell universe!” The Doctor sighed

Closing her computer, she laid a hand on his arm; he looked at her for a moment and grinned.

“You want to come with me? To see the universe, the past, and the future?” The Doctor asked grinning from ear to ear.

Slight shock, she stared at him for a moment, she knew that was done with school since it was November of 2008. She just had to get a job now, but she still wasn’t ready for that. She joined in on the Doctor’s grin and nodded in agreement. All of the sudden he grabbed her book bag, she grabbed her computer, and they both entered the TARDIS.

“Hiya TARDIS.” Elizabeth whispered softly as she walk around.

The Doctor took off his jacket, he grinned as stood next the giant bronze mushroom in the centre, and a soft humming could be hear coming from the TARDIS.

“So where to first?” The Doctor asked, as he got ready.

“Um. Can we go get someone first?” Elizabeth answered

“A boyfriend?” sighed the Doctor.

For once he was hoping to get someone that wouldn’t bring their boyfriend along.

“Nope, just a very close friend of mine. Her name is Tali, she lives near the Windy City, so can we go get her? Cause I know damn well that she would love to meet you Doctor and the TARDIS.” She commented.

“Okay! Lets go get her!” The Doctor said cheerfully.

Elizabeth laughed; she put her computer away quickly, and in a safe corner. She grabbed on to the railing and hang on. Both of them laughed as the TARDIS did its dance, all of the sudden, the TARDIS came to a stop. The Doctor looked at Elizabeth with smirked, she grinned, and ran towards to the door. Once outside Elizabeth and the Doctor stood in the middle of Tali’s street, Elizabeth grinned, and then ran towards Tali’s house. At the door, Elizabeth rang the doorbell, an older woman open the door, and looked shocked.

“Elizabeth, what are you doing here?”

“Hello, Tali's mom. Is Tali home?” Elizabeth said with a little bit of the Doctor’s accent.

The Doctor raised his eyebrows at her, she shrugged, but she knew she would have to explain it later. Tali’s mom let her in, Elizabeth said her thank you, and walked towards Tali’s room.

“So where did the accent come from?” the Doctor question as they walked upstairs.

“It happens a bit, I get around a person that has one, and I can pick it pretty quickly. Anywho, wait here and let Tali know that you are here, Sir Doctor.” Elizabeth smirked giving him a slight bow

She knocked on the door, she heard her friends voice to enter, and she did. Tali looked up from her computer to see Elizabeth standing there, she squeed as she jumped up to hug her Florida friend, and they both laughed.

“What are you doing here hon?” Tali inquire as she tried to contained her laughing.

“Well, I have a super ubber early Birthday present for you!” Elizabeth said smirking.

Tali’s eyes grew more excited, she waited as Elizabeth looked out the hallway, and then back at her.

“You ready for the biggest adventure in your life?” Elizabeth questioned, Tali nodded, and Elizabeth opened the door. “Then I give you our tour guide, one very funny and smart Time Lord known as the Doctor!”

Tali eyes grew wider, she mouth dropped open as the 10th Doctor stood in front of her. Elizabeth giggled, as did the Doctor, and Tali walked up to him and poked him.

“His REAL!” Tali hissed to her friend, who just started to laugh harder.

“Yes, thank you very much I am real. Now if you want to grab some clothes shall we be off?” the Doctor asked with a smirk.

Tali nodded, she went about the packing thing, and Elizabeth jumped in and helped a bit. The Doctor stood there waiting for the two girls, once they were done, the three of them made their way down to the TARDIS. Tali stood in shock for a minute at the sight of the blue box, but she follows the other two in.

“So girls where to next? We can go anywhere and time, you name it we can go.” The Doctor stated, ‘Well, almost anywhere.’

Both girl caught the look of sadness in his eyes, they looked at each other, and knowing they were going to planning something. They looked to the Doctor and softly smiled.

“Tali, you pick since it’s part of your bday present.” Elizabeth answered.

“K. Hmmm… The Renascence Europe, I think that would be a good place to start.” Tali said gleeful.

The Doctor grinned from ear to ear again, and started the TARDIS up.

“Hang on, one Renascence Europe coming up!”

The girls laughed as the TARDIS started to hum, outside the blue police box disappear, and new adventure began.
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