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08 August 2007 @ 09:49 pm
Firefly meets the Harry Potter world  
Title: So far Firefly-Hogwarts
Author: terubaby, anywhere else with the author’s permission
Fandom: Firefly/Harry Potter
Pairing: Elizabeth/River, Harry/Draco
Rating: PG-13
Summary: River knows of someone just like her, they were in the academy together, but this girl disappeared after River was taken out.
A/N: Beta-ed by Wolf

‘An albatross was a ship’s good luck, till some idiot killed it. Why did daddy Mal say that? Does he really think that I bring good luck to Serenity? Jayne used to think other wise, he thought that Simon and I only brought bad luck, and we should have been turned over to the Feds. Though, he has had a change of heart ever since we found out what happened on Miranda, and losing Shepherd Book and Wash. It, of course, hit us all hard; we lost two very special people in our family. Even though she doesn’t show it, Zoë is still grieving for Wash. I can hear her crying inside right now, and speaking to his spirit. Inara and daddy Mal have been getting along better, which for the rest of us is still a little weird. Simon and Kaylee have been spending a lot of time have sex. Oh, sure they talk, but mostly they’re just having sex. It seems that everyone has someone to talk to, to be with, all but the little Albatross, River.’ River stated to herself.

She was lying on the floor in her room, staring up at the ceiling, but she wasn’t really seeing it. She saw everyone on Serenity and what they were doing. Sighing River’s eyes drifted over to Simon and Kaylee, who were lying in bed talking. River’s expression became confuse and questioning.

‘Why in the hell is Simon trying to explain Alchemy to Kaylee? He’s not even explaining it right. I could have explained it better to her than him.’

All of a sudden, River sat up. She quickly reached over for her drawing pad, and began to draw something she had forgotten until now. Fifteen minutes later, River grabbed some white chalk and walked out of her room. The plan in her mind began to take place, but in order for it to work she would need to act quickly. She walked to the center of Serenity; she closed her eyes, and reached out to see where everyone was. They were all busy enough for her to get away with it, she smirked and her head tilted to the right. Heading down to the cargo hold, she began her work of drawing the forgotten symbol. When she was finished, she had two on the left and right wall of the cargo hold; one in each shuttle; and the last one was on the front part of the bridge. She smiled softly at her work. Turning, she started to make her way back to the center of all five points, and hoped that daddy Mal wouldn’t be too upset with her.

At the same time she was making her way back to the center of the ship, everyone was joining up in the kitchen, because it was time for lunch. Inara and Zoë were setting the table as everyone slowly wandered into the kitchen. Simon and Kaylee were softly talking as Simon looked around the room, and suddenly halted.

“Where’s River?” Simon questioned.

Everyone stopped, they looked to Simon and then to each other. All of a sudden, everyone drifted out of the kitchen to look for the girl. Mal headed towards the bridge, where he spotted his albatross.

River could feel Mal behind her. However, she wasn’t going to let him mess her up; one wrong move, and everything would be screwed up.

“What’cha doing, little albatross?” Mal asked.

Mal slowly started to walk up to her, River looked over her shoulder at him, and then at the rest of the crew behind him. She thought about everything that they had done for her and Simon; she now felt that this was the answer and the best way to repay them. The Feds were still after her and Simon, so by doing this they could all be free from the Alliance.

“It’s time to repay you for everything you have ever done for us, Captain. It will also to free us from running from the Alliance all the time.” River stated softly.

River turned her face forward. Sighing to relax, she clapped her hands together making a loud sound. The crew of Serenity looked at her and then each other. Mal paused his walk toward River when she knelt in front of an odd looking symbol. She placed her hands on the symbol and it started to glow a light blue. The other five points of Serenity started to glow, as well; energy started building up from them, and then shot out in the direction of the center of the ship.

On the outside of the Serenity, the light blue glow slowly made its way around the ship, and then the Serenity was no more.