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27 January 2008 @ 03:01 am
Dark Angel  
Title: Dark Angel
Author: terubaby, anywhere else with the author’s permission
Fandom: Mostly X-Men
Pairing: Wolverine/Me(original character)
Rating: PG-13
Archived: angelus_dreams, anywhere else with the author’s permission
Summary: A story about how one mutant girl came to power and meets new friends.
A/N: Okay, so this is one of my first fanfics. Its a few years old, but I do promise it gets better. Not beta-ed cause I don't think Wolf has looked over this one .

Chapter: [Prelude]

It has been a year, a month, and two weeks since I received my Powers as a Mutant, and in a year I have learned to control more than half of its power, but it still grows. Now when I use the power of planets, I do not have to call out loud to them. I have learned to just draw on them and the power of the others. Who am I, you ask? I am Elizabeth, but my friend Trisha calls me Liz for short. It has been a year since I last saw Logan, he left a month after he saved me from Aaron, and Aaron I haven’t heard from since then either. That night after we ate dinner, and Logan left to back to his house that he was renting, I had a weird dream.

~* Remembering Back *~

“Hello? Is someone out there?” screamed Elizabeth, who was walking in fog somewhere. No one answered, she heard foot steps come from somewhere, but she couldn’t tell where they coming from.

“Hello there, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth turned at the call of her name, there standing in front of her was a warrior, with dark, ruby red eyes, long, dark hair, she could not tell what color it was, but she knew it was a dark color. The warrior held something in her hand, then Elizabeth spoke,

“Who are you? Where am I? And why did you bring me here to this place?”

“I cannot tell you who I am, and I can’t tell you where you are at for that will be revealed to you when you need to know. I can answer the last question you asked. I brought you here to tell you of your Power and a little bit of whom you really are.”

“What do you mean ‘who I really am’? I’m Elizabeth!”

“Yes, you are Elizabeth, but you are the Darkest Angel that ever lived. You will defeat the one that will try to kill you, but he will come after your family and friends if you stay here too long, and he will send his followers after you. So, when the time comes, you must leave everything behind, your family, you friends, and the other people in your life, you must not tell anyone that you are leaving when you do, but you may leave a note for your parents. Do you understand?”

Elizabeth nodded, the warrior closed her eyes, and Elizabeth woke up from the dream.

As Elizabeth came back from remembering the dream, to the shadowy alleyway she looked across the alleyway, she saw her new friend Gambit, who was opening a door to the warehouse they were living in with some other Mutants, who had became a gang. When the time came for her to leave, the mystic warrior would come back and tell her, Gambit waved for her to come when he got the door open, she looked both ways to see if any cops were coming, she saw that there were none, she ran across, and into the doorway with Gambit closing the door behind her.

“Hey where have you two been?” asked Kevin staying there, as they sat on the couch, and put their feet on the make-sifted table. Elizabeth laid her head on Gambit shoulder, and he answered,

“We have been looking for you two all day, you said you were going to help us get some cash.”

Elizabeth got up from the couch, as Gambit was getting into an argument with the kid, walked over to Bryce the computer guy of the gang, who helped her with Math. His power was like that of a Cheetah, he could hear a block away, smell you coming, and could run up to 70 mph just like them.

“How are you doing Liz?” he asked, as she walk up to him, of course his face was still looking at the computer screen, she smiled as she sat down next to him.

“I’m fine and dandy. So... what are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m playing Chess with a guy name Jarred, and printing some blue prints.”

“What blue...” Elizabeth was cut off by shouting, she and Bryce turned to what was going on. Gambit and Kevin were fight, Gambit took out his staff, started hit Kevin with, but he was interrupted by the leader.

“Stop fighting the both of you, now! Gambit, I told them to go somewhere else today than to the spot that you were going to. And yes, where have you two been?” He announced as he looked from Gambit to Elizabeth, smiling at her, which sent a chill threw her body. Everyone, but Bryce who had turned back to the computer, stopped what they were doing, and watch Remy and Kevin fight.

“We were coming home, when some cops recognize Elizabeth, we had to take the long way back here, and you can stop smiling at her like that.”

Everyone knew that Remy had been on thin ice since he had brought her there, because the cops were looking for she had runaway, but the majority of them had runaway too. Elizabeth looked down to the floor when they started to talk about her. She felt like everyone’s eyes on her, and her only. She finely went to her room with Remy and Seth still arguing in the living room, she sat on her bed, then got ready for bed. When the two guys stopped arguing, Remy noticed that Liz had went to her room, he walked over there to see her get her bag out.

“You’re not leaving are you?” he asked with a smirk, but of course she didn’t hear because she was thinking.

“I always make trouble... why do I always make trouble!?”

“Are you thinking again?”

“Remy!? What are you doing in here? I guess... I am thinking.”

“Where are you going, Angel? I came to see what you were doing, and anyway there were some guys outside your door.”

She looked out the door to see three boys spying in on them. Remy sat down in the bed, Liz went to close the door, and then sat on the bed with him. He looked at her then asked again,

“So... um, where are you going?”

“I was going to leave, because I’ve missed things up for you and everyone! I mean you and Seth were best friends, but when I came...”

“When you came you showed me that there is better way to live, than a life like this. You didn’t miss anything up, if you start think it then I’m going to kick your bum.

Liz looked at him, she grinned, and laid her head on his shoulder.

“Finish getting ready for bed and I will be right back, ok?” She nodded her head, Remy got from the bed, and walked out the door. She got up to brush her teeth, when she saw the candled flicker, and she heard a soft voice.

“Power of the witches raise
Course unseen across the skies
Come to us who call you here
Come to us and settle here
Blood to Blood
I summon thee
Blood to Blood
Return to me”

When the voice stopped Elizabeth, went to do what she was going to do, Remy came in with a blanket and a pillow. He laid them on the floor, but he saw there was part of newspaper on the ground. It was the death part; he looked at it, and saw that it was from San Francisco. So he threw it out the door, and laid down, Liz lay on the bed, and went to bed.

~* Another Dream *~

“Not here again...”

“Elizabeth, you must leave Louisiana on this night and in this hour!”

“What!? Why don’t you ever say hello!?”

“I’m sorry, but you must leave New Orleans NOW! So, wake up and get out of there!”

Everything changed. The fog disappeared again, as did the mist, and the warrior. Elizabeth sat up in bed, and then looked at the clock it read 3:00 a.m. She got up, and changed quickly. Then packing her stuff she wrote a note to Remy, took a safety pin, and pinned the note to his Jacket. She opened a window, climbed out, and jumped down. When she was two blocks away, she called to Remy in his mind,

‘REMY! Wake up right now. Please, Remy, they are coming for you, the cops, the ones that are looking for me, and tell Bryce too!’

Back at the hideout, Remy woke up sweating, he thought it was just a dream, but then he looked down, and saw the note. He grabbed his stuff, which stayed in Elizabeth’s room, then he went quietly over to Bryce’s Computer where he slept. But it was too late for he saw the Red and Blue light, and so did Elizabeth. So he ran over to Bryce, waking him up, and shouting,

“Bryce, wake up, and hit the Alarm the cops are here.”

Then he went back to Elizabeth’s room, seeing that the window was open, he climbed out as he heard the Alarm go, and Bryce was right behind with all his stuff. Elizabeth saw that Gambit and Bryce made it; she turned to leave, and saw that there was a Black Hole right in the middle of the road.

Someone whispered, “I have opened this door for you. I am the one you told you to leave.”

Elizabeth trusted the voice, she walked in, and found herself in Phoenix, Arizona. Gambit had just come around the corner, when he saw Elizabeth walk in a Black Hole, he tried to run to catch her, but it closed behind her. He could not believe that she was gone, he had let her and her mother down. He heard the sirens behind him, he ran from the warehouse part of New Orleans as fasted as he could, and prayed that Liz would be all right on her own.