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19 July 2007 @ 04:01 am
Dark Angel (Nothing to do with the TV show)  
Title: Dark Angel(Prelude)
Author: terubaby, anywhere else with the author’s permission
Fandom: Mostly X-Men
Pairing: Wolverine/Me(original character)
Rating: PG-13
Archived: angelus_dreams, anywhere else with the author’s permission
Summary: A story about how one mutant girl came to power and meets a new friend.
A/N: Okay, so this is one of my first fanfics. Its a few years old, but I do promise it gets better. Not beta-ed cause I don't think Wolf has looked over this one .

“You will never defeat us.”

“Yes, I will. I will bring Peace back to the Earth and Universe!”

“You bringing Peace!? You are the Darkest Angel that ever lived! How can you bring Peace to the Earth?”

In this time and age the side of good and evil have been fight for the earth, but it will be soon coming to the end of this long war.

December 1999

Elizabeth was walking in the woods, a block away from her house. She never really came back there, but today she felt she had too, like if something was pulling her there. A howl came from the trees, Elizabeth jumped, she had never heard anything like it. She turned to go, and there was a wild dog right in front of her, all of the sudden it turns into a boy about her age. He smiled at her, started to walk toward her, Elizabeth screamed, and backed into a tree as he got closer to her. She turned to run, but Aaron grabbed her by the arm, and whirl her back around into the tree.

“Who. . . what are you!?” demanded Elizabeth weakly, as he looked at her, he turned away, then looked back at her, and stated,

“My name is Aaron. What am I? I am the same thing you are, a Mutant.”

“No, I’m not one of you. . . I’M NOT!” cried Elizabeth, as she started to get lightheaded, then she felt a power surge go through her body. Aaron grabbed her before she fell to the ground and then commenting,

“Let’s see what you can do, get up! Now! ” He helped her up roughly, Elizabeth still was little dizzy, but she would listen to him for now.

“What power you have?”

“How would I know?!”

“Because you can feel the power running through your body. Like if it was the source of your life, if it holds a singling power, some of us with this power can grab it and used. Can you feel the power of the Planets inside you?”

“Maybe? I think so. Yes, I can feel them.”

“Show me! Draw on all the Planets’ Power and make an energy ball in the palm of your hand.”

She started to gather the power of the Planets, but she felt something started to gather with it. Aaron watched closely as Elizabeth did this, then he observed that other Mutant’s Powers started to join the ball, he thought to himself, ‘She is the one! I must finish this now before she gets way too powerful for him to deal with.’

Elizabeth noticed that he was thinking about something, she turned to him, but as she did, she threw the energy ball at him, and took off running. When Aaron finally recovered from the blast, which had threw him three feet into a big, old Pine tree, he got up, and took off after her. He jumped at her, knocking her down to the cold ground, he turned her over, and smiled as he drew a knife from his one boot. She wanted to scream, and cry for help, but couldn’t for Aaron had put his hand over her mouth, she closed her eyes as he started to bring the knife down. Just as Aaron was going to kill her, he was knocked off of her, Elizabeth opened her eyes, and saw that there was a guy on Aaron holding him down. Aaron kicked the guy off of him, the guy turned to her, and exclaimed, “Get out of here, now!”

Elizabeth did as he ordered, and ran as fast as she could to get out of there. But then something stop her, a voice in her head said to go back and help him, so she turned to see that the guy who had helped her was getting hurt by Aaron. She called on the power of the Planet Earth and Uranus, then yelled,

As she did that the wind started to pick up, then she gathered it into a ball, throwing it toward Aaron, he moved out of the way, but it didn’t help, he still was tossed about five feet. She started running to the guy that helped her, when she saw Aaron get up, thinking a minute, she remembered that dogs didn’t like fire.

“I call on the Power of Mars, grant me your Power! Fire!”

Aaron jumped back as the fire stream came at him, it hit him on the arm, and he crashed to the ground to put it out. Elizabeth knew that she had to deal with this now or he came after her and her family, so she started to attack him.

“I call on the Power of Neptune, grant me your Power!” Aaron looked up in horror as she obtained it.

“Water!” He couldn’t move in time, and he was slammed into a tree. He looked up at her, and stated,

“Is that all you got? You are spouses to be more powerful than this!”

“Shut up! Do you want to see my Power? Find then, but didn’t you parents tell you never to stand under a tree during a storm! I call on the Power of Jupiter, give me your Power of the Storms! Lighting and Thunder!” She smiled, as he looked up at the sky, and lighting bolt struck the tree he was under. He fell to the ground face first, she knew he was not dead, so she called on the Planet Pluto,

“Time! Send him back to the seventeen hundreds, a forest, somewhere someone can help him.” He dropped into a black hole, and disappeared for now, for she knew that he would find a way back. As she turned to the guy, he was up, and watching her. She smiled, but then her smile disappears, and she asked,

“You were hurt? Weren’t you?”

“Yes.” He answered as he walked away, but she followed him.

“You’re a Mutant, aren’t you!?” He looked at her, grunted, and stated that he was a Mutant. But he didn’t tell her what his Mutant ability was, he just keep walking to the edge of the forest.

“Your Mutant Power is that your body heals itself. That’s cool!” she stated as she kept walking, but he stop when she said this.

“How did you know that?”

“What? Know what?”

“How did you know what my Mutant Power was?”

“Um, I don’t know. I guess I just know.” They stare at each other for a minute, but then she turned to go home, when she declared,

“Um... would you like to come over? My parents would like to thank you for saving and helping me. I could get you something to eat or to drink.”

‘Man! She is the craziest girl I have ever meet, but yet there is something about her that is a puzzle’

“Hey Mister you coming!?”

“My name is Logan. What is your’s?”


They finally got to Elizabeth’s house, which was a blueish-gray, double wide trailer. After sitting 20 minutes on the ramp, her parent came home from the store, she introduces Logan to both her parents as her dad opens the door. Once inside, she asks them both to sit down, so that she can tell them something. She starts to tell them what happened more than a half an hour ago, her Mother gasped at what Aaron tried to do to her, but was thankful that Logan had stepped in. After finishing the story, both her parents thanked Logan for helping their baby. Elizabeth’s Mother invited Logan to stay for dinner, smiled, and thanked her.

“I told you that my parents would want to thank you.” stated Elizabeth as she smiled at him.